The New Dolce & Gabbana “Future Rewind” Competition

In anticipation of Metaverse Fashion Week, Dolce & Gabbana, UNXD and Decentraland proudly announce the launch of their first digital fashion contest. The “Future Rewind Competition” is the first to encourage digital designers to share their creativity and innovation to exchange ideas across innumerable mediums and generations. It is the first time a traditional luxury brand has taken a personal approach to offering mentorship to empower a new generation of creators in the digital world, creating a new future in the fashion industry. Each applicant must submit a minimum of five digital looks from specific collections with a maximum of 20 to enter.

The Collections For Dolce & Gabbana “Future Rewind”

Digital designers can create looks for the contest from one or any combination of six iconic prints:


As an expression of the pure DNA of the fashion brand, this animal print made a comeback in the winter and summer seasons of 2021/22. It is always the rage appearing on runways and in fashion books year after year. Showcasing its style in slip-on shoes, hats, faux fur coats and slinky slips, it is a favorite that will always retain style.


The Zebra collection draws inspiration from celebrating strong and eclectic women from the iconic Dolce & Gabbana brand pattern. Boasting bold patterns and shapes, it fuses an irreverent and trendy twist on 80s glamor, rocking with style.

Blue Mediterranean

Shades of deep blue and brilliant white lead the timeless calligraphic characteristics of this collection. It pays homage to the ancient Majolica art from Caltagirone, Sicily. Pieces include silk twill pajamas, chiffon dresses, caftans and jumpsuits that all exude lightness and femininity.

The Famous DC Logo

This simple and timeless logo is widely recognizable globally. From its inception in 1985, it has stood the test of time in the evolving fashion world. It conveys the message of possessing a strong desire for modernity and authenticity.

Quintessential Black Lace

Dolce & Gabbana pull from their Sicilian roots for the inspiration behind the aesthetics of black lace. It recalls Southern Italian folk costumes, bringing an alluring and inaccessible connotation of sensuality. The traditional mid-century Italian definitive embodies icons like Sophia Loren.

The Traditional Sicilian Carretto

The Sicilian cart, a means of transportation steeped in tradition, symbolizes iconic Silicilan folklore and is celebrated through art and sculpture. Featured pieces boast bright colors with carretto prints depicting folk traditions like pupi theatre and Moorish vases. As the birthplace of Domenico Dolce, it is clear why this collection is a true inspiration for the conceptual fashion practices of the island.

The Inspiration Behind the Dolce & Gabbana Competition

Part of D&G’s philosophy is creating an inclusive network supporting young talent. The inspiration for the “Future Rewind” digital fashion competition is an invitation to extend their mentorship into the metaverse.

Anyone wishing to design digital wearables for the next generation is encouraged to enter the competition and may apply through March 12. Domenico Dolce and Stefan Gabbana will personally choose the winners, including DGFamily NFT holders. During Metaverse Fashion Week, March 28 to 31, the event will include the announcement of the winners who will be able to showcase their designs at the Dolce & Gabbana space in Decentraland.